The unknown Planets are a cooperation of two creative minds – Fabrizio Travisanutto and Felix Muhrhofer came together to unite two techniques with longstanding traditions. Travisanutto provides the mosaics while Muhrhofer contributes the design ideas and his knowledge of Terrazzo. It is he, who shapes the final piece and with whom we travel to the unknown planets.

While the first pieces allowed a view which reminded of that from a space ship´s hatch and their form was reminiscent of small alien entities with odd legs, the new new pieces allow for a different view and tell a different story. It´s the view into the depths of space and onto strange unknown planets. We came a long way and are finally approaching our destination. The view shifts from the smaller growing dots of the milkyway and focus onto a single planet. Mentawo, Jambafi, Fnaco and Sandia exist in their own system, far away from what is reachable or comprehendable to us. At the same time they apprear to be collector´s pieces due to their objectness, as if they were plucked from the sky and put into someone´s collection.

The Unknown Plantes symbolize the longing for things that are bigger than the mundane and reach beyond what factual knowledge allows or restricts. They are vanishing points of phantasy, each piece comes with it´s own set of questions and answers, which everyone has to ask and answer for themselves.

The cooperation of Fabrizio Travisanutto and Felix Muhrhofer is part of the second edition of the project Doppia Firma, which was brought into being by the Fondazione Coloni Mestieri D´Arte. Francesca Taroni curated the pairing of designer and artisan and the Michelangelo Foundation endeavors to create permanent patronization with the focus on creativity and craftsmanship.