The story of the Möbelagentur beginns in 2008 when I turned my passion for design and beautiful things into a career. Searching and collecting have been installed in me at an early age by my grandfather. He gave me a sense of the cycle of buying, collecting and trading and therefore laid the base for my decision to establish the Möbelagentur. My over the years grown expertise with a focus on 20th Century Italian Design allows me to select unique pieces and make them available to my clients. The concept of the Möbelagentur is and has always been to create a space for the exceptional with special attention to 20th, as well as, 21st Century Design.


Shortly after establishing the venture, participations in fairs in Austria, Switzerland and Belgium followed. This gave me the opportunity to extend my contacts to traders and collectors but also expanded my own knowledge and expertise. My love for Italy and the Italian Design are indicatory for the way my programm is shaped. Today I am proud to offer pieces by the most influential italian designers such as Gio Ponti, Ico Parisi, Augusto Bozzi, Marco Zanuso, Osvaldo Borsani, Nino Zondaca, Carlo de Carli, Paolo Buffa, Aldo Morbelli, Gianfranco Frattini and Melchiorre Bega.


My goal was to create a space which allows a dialog between things and provides unique  pieces beyond the mainstream. That is why I also include designer of the 21st Century such as Felix Muhrhofer, Claudio Brocchini or Alfred von Escher. They create authentic pieces with great attention to quality and craftsmanship, which also bring a great deal of combinability with them. My curated selection offers furnishings and objects with which one can shape their own style but also allow for a great private easyness. In short, I am looking to find pieces which fit one´s life and not the otherway around.