Felix Muhrhofer

Terrazzo - to Felix Muhrhofer it is more than a technique, more than a material. Over the years and in many of his projects he always found a way back to this medium, which really is on the margin of material and technique. For his LOVELYTABLES Muhrhofer uses rocks, pebbles and stones from wherever he goes. They leave a memory trace in the finished pieces almost like they were the requirement for the completeness of the design, just like a kismet of the stones.
For his current project  I PIANETI SCONOSCIUTI // the unknown planets // he risks the amalgamation of Terrazzo and Mosaic. Together with Fabrizio Travisanutto he searched for a feasibility to combine both techniques in one work piece. After days of experiments they achieve the perfect conjunction of precisely conceived, carefully composed Mosaic and accidental, untamed Terrazzo. Chaos and order have found together in these pieces.
I am pleased to show these special pieces as part of a solo exhibition with Felix Muhrhofer 22 june at the Showroom.