In-house workshop

All our pieces come with their own story. Some of them had an easy life, some went through rough times and need attention and help of an expert. Therefore, there has been a workshop since the earliest days of the Möbelagentur. First we clean all of our new arrivals and we carry out the various repairs they need. The range of treatments spans from a general check-up, to replacing missing washers under the legs up to elementary upholstery jobs. We take care not to eradicate the traces of time or make them invisible. The pieces should rather be restored into a condition which let them tell their story in the best way possible.

Over the years not only our connoisseurship has grown, but also our material store including a variety of original fabrics up to rare small parts. Yet often a custom-tailored solution for a specific problem of a special piece is needed. That is why the work in the workshop does not only need the skillset of a craftsman but also the ingenuity of a tinkerer.