In-house workshop

All our pieces come with their own story and most of the times also with more or less considerable traces of time. Therefore, there has been a in-house workshop since the earliest days of the Möbelagentur. Here all our furnitures get the help they need. Some of them only need a cleaning or replacements of missing washers under their legs. Others need more help and more complex procedures. Carefully we try to get to the bottom of each furniture and trace of usage and replace what needs to be replaced. We take care not to eradicate the traces of time or make them invisible. The pieces should rather be restored into a condition which let them tell their story in the best possible way. Therefore, we use and prefer old and traditional procedures and methods as well as handcraft. 

Over the years not only our connoisseurship has grown, but also our material store including a variety of original fabrics up to rare small parts. Yet, often a custom-tailored solution for a specific problem of a special piece is needed. That is why the work in the workshop does not only need the skillset of a craftsman but also the ingenuity of a tinkerer.


The story of an armchair

As well as the other pieces of furniture, also many armchairs, which come to us, need intense help of our experts. Again, we replace carefully what needs to replaced, restore what needs to be restored. Therefore, we need to get to the bottom of the pieces and examine them detailed. To preserve the original charme of the armchairs, we often employ old, originally used techniques. So, if an armchair is made of tied springs, we also restore them by tying those springs by hand again. Afterwards all those pieces get an upholstery of foam, which brings back their shape and function. Then the armchairs get covered by light linen made of cotton, so that the customers can choose the fabric to cover the furniture by themselves. In this way, the different pieces appear in the individual, personally designed style of their new owners. We are happy to help you choosing the right fabric for your piece of furniture.